Great Bowling Lanes in NZ You Need to Know

In the sunshine or rain, bowling is among the most exciting games that can help you wind down your evenings or weekend. To derive maximum fun in and around Auckland, you need to choose the best bowling alley. You can take down your family and friends to the exciting tenpin bowling lanes. Here are some great bowling lanes in New Zealand you need to know about.

Newmarket Tenpin Bowling

In case you visit one of the Newmarket Asian restaurants, you can also spend time at its bowling lane. It will offer you great excitement instead of trawling through Instagram or wandering the streets. This bowling alley offers affordable and cheerful experiences!


You might have outgrown the party bags and bowling shoes. But you can always give it a second chance. At Metrolanes, people enjoy watching the best actions from bowlers. That means you can stop at Metrolanes and have fun! You can enjoy delicious cocktail varieties as you watch a bowling game at Metrolanes.

Manukau Super Strike

When you’re looking for a great snack, Manukau Super Strike is the best place to visit. It is a thrilling arcade that offers the best bowling experience and food. You can make a stopover at Manukau Super Strike and enjoying bowling. Besides, they provide a range of bowling leagues that can suit your needs.

Dr Rudi’s

In case you want to enjoy bowling, visit Dr Rudi’s alley. In one place, you could find a mix of all things you want. With yummy cocktails and quality beers, together with the best restaurants in Auckland, you can enjoy indoor bowling.


When you want to enjoy bowling games in NZ, you can visit some of the best lanes outlined in this guide. Moreover, you need to identify the best bowling alley that can offer great excitement to your family.