Useful Information About Bowling

Bowling is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports around the world. Its history dates back to ancient Egypt. Drawings seen on the Egyptian royal tombs depicted bowling in 5200 BC. Moreover, bowling developed and became a thrilling game in many countries. Bowling was brought to the US by German, British, and Dutch settlers.

Here is the rich history of bowling that you need to understand. Bowling is a sport that can authentically trace its origin back to over 7000 years. People who enjoy the game need to know more about Sir Flinders Petrie. Professor Flinders trained many students at the University of London about Egyptology. Therefore, people can understand the immense contribution of Professor Flinders to bowling history.

About Bowling

Bowling was originally called ten-pins. In this game, players roll a heavy ball down towards groups of objects called pins. The balls run along a narrow lane. The aim of rolling the ball is to ensure a player knocks down more pins than an opponent.

Bowling Game

Do you know why it is referred to as bowling? If not, you need to understand that this sport is recognised by various names. They include skittles, quills, nine-pin, kegling, bowls, and Dutch pins. However, the word bowl may have come from the Saxon Bolla that meant bubble initially. However, it later had another meaning that defined anything spherical.

The First Bowling Alley

In case you didn’t know, the first bowling alley was opened in 1840. Knickerbocker Alleys was opened in New York City as an indoor bowling establishment. By 1850, people could play bowls in more than 400 bowling lanes in New York.


Many people enjoy watching bowling. It is a sport that has attracted many fans around the world. From Europe and Scandinavian countries to America, people can have the best bowling experience.